Muscle As We Age

Hard fact: we lose muscle as we age.  According to Dr. Peter Attia (whose information I am using in this article), researchers have explored numerous

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The Power of Programming 

Programming is our “thing” and one of the most powerful tools that we have. It can directly affect people – our athletes/clients – on how

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Mobility and Why You Need It

Today I’m addressing everyone’s favorite…MOBILITY (ok, that was sarcasm). Mobility isn’t sexy and it doesn’t necessarily give you an immediate payoff, like an endorphin high

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Wearables are watches, rings and other devices used to track a variety of measurables like daily steps, calories burned, sleep and heart rate.  Spoiler alert:

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Investing in Your Health 

Ask yourself these questions:  Would you calculate and file complicated taxes by yourself or pay a reputable accountant?  Would you defend yourself if on trial

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