Bet On Yourself 

As most of you know, Rob and I also own a supplement company. Recently, I’ve been calling some of our top customers to get to

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By Rebecca Carswell  We’ve got a guest article today! This one is by Vero Strength member Rebecca Carswell and it centers on a skill that’s

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The State of Fitness 

I like to geek out on trends and statistics of all sorts, but for obvious reasons, I keep tabs on the fitness industry.  Here, I

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Most of you reading this are investing monetarily in your future. Eventually, everyone wants to stop the work grind and enjoy retirement. But, a retirement

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The other day, a new member said to me, “during my Fundamentals sessions, I couldn’t lift my foot in the 90-90 hip stretch and today,

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Don’t be “Most People” 

Did your parents ever tell you, “if your friends jumped off a bridge/cliff, would you?”  It turns out your parents were right! You shouldn’t be

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Healthy > Skinny

I grew up in the 90s, a time when “heroin chic” was all the rage. Waif-like models were shown in ads. Ultra-skinny was the goal. 

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Should You Choose to Booze? 

This post was inspired by recent discussions I’ve had with members about alcohol intake. Many aren’t meeting their body composition goals and, while that can

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