Investing in Your Health 

Ask yourself these questions:  Would you calculate and file complicated taxes by yourself or pay a reputable accountant?  Would you defend yourself if on trial

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Healthy Vacation Strategies 

Vacation season is upon us! For many, it’s a time to rest and recharge. But, often, we return to our “real life” feeling tired, bloated,

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How’s Your Environment? 

Your success in reaching your athletic, fitness and nutrition goals lies not only in your consistency IN the gym, but also in your OUTSIDE environment. 

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We Don’t Need to be Popular 

If you’ve been interested in fitness over the years, you’ve no doubt noticed trends come and go. You’ve received a plethora of conflicting messages about

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Body Fat vs. Weight vs. BMI

Our society has a fixation on the scale. I’ve seen so many people obsessed with their weight, even weighing themselves multiple times per day and

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A Discussion About Alcohol

Writing a blog post about moderating alcohol after our gym’s 13th Anniversary party and a vacation feels a little hypocritical. 😬 Many of us overindulge

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January 2022 Survey Results

Our Early 2022 Member Survey is now closed. We’ve been sending surveys out twice a year to guage how we are doing and to get

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Making Time

At the risk of sounding dramatic, when someone quits the gym it crushes us. Our churn rate is extremely low compared to other gyms in

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