Your Workout: What Matters and What Doesn’t

A workout isn’t a competition. Every day isn’t game day. 

Can you imagine if athletes like boxers or football players had a fight or a game on the daily? It would be disastrous! 

Every workout is an opportunity to learn, practice and improve, not beat yourself to a pulp. That’s why it’s called a “training session.” 

Here’s what matters and doesn’t matter when it comes to your workouts:

What matters 

  • You felt better afterward than you did before 
  • Your mood is elevated 
  • You learned something 
  • You progressed in movement quality and/or strength 
  • You used great technique 
  • You felt accomplished 

What doesn’t matter

  • You got super sweaty 
  • You got sore 
  • Your watch says you burned a lot of calories 
  • You lifted lots of weight with bad form 
  • You got lots of rounds with crappy form

Your workout is about one person…you. 


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