You Down With GPP?


You Down With GPP?

If you've watched CrossFit videos or read CrossFit articles, you've probably come across the acronym GPP. GPP stand for General Physical Preparedness and it is synonomous with fitness. CrossFit's standard definition of fitness is "work capacity over broad time and modal domains." This definition is best demonstrated by the hopper analogy:

Take a hopper (the thing that holds bingo balls) and load it with physical challenges, i.e. deadlift, 10K run, Fran, pull-ups, shoveling, fence climbing, etc. Once a day, pull out a challenge. The person that is most fit can best perform whatever comes out of the hopper time after time.

If you are an endurance athlete, say an Olympic-caliber marathoner, you will excel when the 10k run comes up, but you will tank on the deadlift and the pull-ups. Runners focused only on running are good at running, but they are not fit. In fact, long-distance runners are notorious for not being able to jump.

Take a CrossFitter who isn't the top athlete on any one exercise, but can complete pretty much anything that comes out of the hopper…he is prepared, therefore he is the fittest. 

By working across CrossFit's 10 physical skills and constantly varying your workouts, you are best prepared for anything that life throws at you, whether you are a cop, firefighter or a mom – you are down with GPP! 

Congrats to Sue and Charlie, CrossFit Level 1 trainers!

Workout of the Day

50-40-30-20 and 10 rep rounds of:

7 Responses

  1. ok, back to the food log. It’s been hard to fit all my food in on the weekends. I am still doing intermittent fasting, so all my meals are in a 9-hour window with a 15-hour fast.
    – breakfast – eggs, chicken, mushrooms, nuts
    – lunch – pork, broccoli, nuts
    – dinner – beef, turnips, nuts

  2. Shelli

    Wendy, just read your food log. You all don’t eat small meals every 2-3 hours? I always felt that boosts your metabolism quicker than anything. I totally agree with the Paleo way of eating though.
    Just curious, why are you fasting?

  3. Diane Blais

    Great job Sandy, Kristi and Sari, on your double unders this morning, you guys did awesome.
    Charlie and Sue, I found you in the picture in the back. Glad to hear everything went great for you. Congratulations!!!

  4. Charlie and Susan Clendening

    Thank you Wendy, we were tempted to try it this morning,but held off our legs are a little tired! The certification was an awesome experience,we learned so much,and have so much to learn and practice, but felt well prepared once again thanks to Rob & Wendy. We had some incredible trainers who stayed right with you until you perfected the movement. Sound like any one we know! We come back with more knowledge and fundamental skills to practice,but most of all a real appreciation for our trainers Rob & Wendy and Crossfit Vero Beach as our affiliation.

  5. Shelli – google “intermittent fasting”. You fast for 12+ hours per day and then work out on an empty stomach to tap into glycogen stores, etc. We have another member, John, who does what’s called the Warrior Diet where he doesn’t each much during the day and he fuels up with a large meal at night.
    The 2-3 hour meals are the bodybuilder way of thinking. If it works for you, that’s fine, but I felt like I was too obsessive and planned out.
    When I don’t do the fasting, I have 3 meals or 3 meals and a snack – I eat when hungry. It’s helped me get over an unhealthy relationship/pre-occupation with food.
    A good resource for Paleo and Intermittent Fasting is – he’s a biochemist/nutrition guru and the person that led the nutrition certification I went to.

  6. Shelli

    Cool, thanks Wendy. I am always open to reading others approaches to balanced nutrition and healthy eating. God knows the bodybuilding routine of 2.5 oz of chicken every 2 hours isn’t exactly the right way, but it achieved the goal at the time. My goals have certainly changed from the bodybuilding goals these days so its great to see so many different ideas.