You Don’t Have to Accept Your Situation


You Don’t Have to Accept Your Situation

FilFest 2010 ended with motivational speaker Kyle Maynard. His main message is that you don't have to accept an adverse situation…there is always a way to better yourself and your life. Check out this absolutely amazing individual.

Workout of the Day:

Run or Row 5K

7 Responses

  1. JOHN Y

    I missed seeing every one this AM. Rowing would have broke this camelโ€™s back, so I ran around the hood. Sorry but I drive an American car, it has MILES not KM, so I ran 3 miles in 23.01. Not bad for having missed a lot of WOD’s lately do to working past midnight. I hope to see you all soon if work will allow. 5:30 comes way to early if you have been up late!

  2. Diane Blais

    Yea, this was not my favorite workout either but it does hit all the parts of the body. Rob did you see the RX we put by our names this morning? lol, the all important two letters!!
    That video is great to watch, so impressive and amazing what he is doint.

  3. Charlie and Susan Clendening

    Its official Charlie is registered for the Masters 2010 CrossFit Games Southeast Regional!