Where my ladies at?


Where my ladies at?

So far, we've got 8 people signed up for our FGB team – Me, Rob, Alex, Jim A, Jim B, Sibley, Justin and Charlie. And we have 3 more guys who plan on joining.

Where are all the girls? Come on, ladies!


Workout of the Day:

3 rounds for time:

row 300m
10 push-ups
20 sit-ups
30 squats

For many of you, this was your first CrossFit workout, so make this an all-out effort and beat your last time!

10 Responses

  1. Charlie and Susan Clendening

    Three heats this morning that was fun. I don’t know if I liked the anticipation,but Brian and Diane you pushed me! Diane good job on beating your last time and Kristi way to go on your time! Charlie is still trying to figure out how you almost got him. You were blowing thru those squats, we are also glad your shoulder is feeling better.

  2. Kristi

    Awesome job to everyone this morning! We all have improved so much and it was so great how everyone was encouraging each other. I think I had an advantage on the squats due to my bigger back side perhaps???? Thank you Wendy as always for pushing me to do my best!
    I wish I was gonna be here for FGB but I will be up in Tallahassee for a FSU football game. I know Crossfit VB will represent very well!!!!!!!

  3. Diane Blais

    Hey, great job to everyone in the 5:00 am wod. Yes I think we have all improved so much and it was fun to push each other this morning, that’s what got me through everyone saying go, go. Charlie, Kristi almost caught you, I was trying to stay up with Bryan but no chance today.
    Wendy, I would be there for FGB in a heart beat, but as you know I will be on a cruise, sorry. You have a good group going though. Let’s get a group to sign up for the Jungle Club 5K on Oct. 3rd.

  4. It was awesome to see everyone’s improvements on this WOD. Shaving a few minutes off a 12-15 minute workout is amazing!
    Rob and I will be competing in Nashville during the Jungle Jog, but I would love if everyone signed up, wore their CFVB shirts and represented us.

  5. John C

    Wendy-Just a thought I have from your post about CFVB shirts during a 5k or any other race. I know that during the fall/winter when the weather is ideal, there are a bunch of these 5k and 10ks all around the county on Saturday mornings. I am guessing there are a good amount of us CFVBers who are going to run in them. If there are, we should design a shirt and have it made in the UnderArmour type wicking material. It would be our “race day” shirt. I think it would be great advertising for you guys, and I would gladly wear it. I owe it to CFVB that I look forward to every workout and am feeling great. I think people would be impressed at how fast us “non-runners” can do a 5K.

  6. Tara

    Here’s my food log from yesterday finally….
    – two pieces bacon, 1/2 apple, almonds
    – turkey breast, amonds, cauliflower, 1/2 apple
    – salad with olive oil, chicken, veggies.
    There won’t be a food log posting for tomorrow. I was up sick all last night and this morning (hints why I didn’t make it in today). So, I didn’t eat much today until dinner time. But I did have a great dinner of Steak, Shrimp, Mushrooms, and roasted vegetables.
    I was dying to do today’s WOD to see how much I’ve improved.

  7. Rachel

    Ahh…so I hate to admit it but Scott was right when he said I would love the Cross Fit method of training. I would love to start competing, as long as it doesn’t interfere on a weekend I have a beach volleyball tournament 🙂 Oh, and I’m determined to learn kipping!

  8. John – We will definitely do a wicking shirt!
    Rachel – we are soooo glad to have you on board!
    Tara- feel better! You can make up this WOD.