What You Get for Under $12 per Workout

When we hear the words “that’s expensive” in response to the price of attending our gym, I have to ask “compared to what?”

Compared to the $50-$75 gym membership, Vero Strength may sound expensive, but in reality, those other gyms are charging too much.

At Vero Strength, depending on your membership level and the number of times you attend class, each session ranges from roughly $7 to under $12 per class.

At Vero Strength, you get:

  • A complete and well-designed program that results in better movement, greater aerobic capacity and more strength.  We create the workouts and you never need to ask yourself “what should I do today?” We strive for balance and you work on your entire structure instead of overdoing movements that you like to do or are good at.
  • Mobility work at every class.
  • Two-way communication – coaching, education, feedback and advice from our staff. We love your questions regarding training and lifestyle.
  • A gym full of a variety of great equipment. Sure, you can get a great workout with a set of dumbbells and a bike, but we’ve got all the fun stuff.  
  • Check-ins if you are absent. Miss the gym in any given week? We reach out to try and motivate you.  
  • A killer community. We don’t charge extra to hang out with great people 😃

Consider this the best deal in town! And an investment in your health always pays off.

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