Try CFVB Free


Try CFVB Free

Before your first visit to CFVB, you MUST make an appointment.

We offer one free workout to try us out and decide if you want to become a member. During your first visit you will be guided through a warm-up and a simple CrossFit workout by one of our trainers. By the end of your workout, you will know if CrossFit is for you. 

We can turn anyone, regardless of age or ability, into an athlete. All we ask for is an open mind, great attitude and unwavering dedication.

If you decide to join, you will enroll in a three-class Fundamentals course where you will learn and use the movements we routinely perform. This will ensure your safety and success in the group classes. In the group classes, you will continue to receive coaching at every workout. Before long, you will be performing Olympic lifts, gymnastics movements, agility and plyometric skills and more. And you’ll be fitter, learner and stronger than you ever thought possible.

After completing Fundamentals, we expect you to attend classes right away in order to use the movements you’ve learned, fine-tune your technique and improve your overall fitness. A three-month commitment is required to really start seeing some dramatic results. Consistency is the key!

We look forward to seeing you soon!

Contact us at [email protected]