We’re adding a new training time!


We’re adding a new training time!

We will now be open for a training session each Tuesday and Thursday at 9:30 AM. Rob and Charlie will teach this class and we hope it will be convienient to those of you who have kids in school now. Drop them off and come work out!


Workout of the Day
Deadlift 1-1-1-1-1-1-1 reps

5 rounds for time:
5 deadlift (275#/185#)
10 burpees

8 Responses

  1. Shelli

    Wow! What a butt kicker…literally! So do all these callouses on my hands that really came to light after todays workout mean I am no longer a Crossfit virgin??? 🙂

  2. SonnySIb

    Ahahahah officially! I remember my first time LOL walking up to Rob like WTF ! He laughed and said something like welcome to crossfit…

  3. You are a virgin no more! Wait until they rip during pull-ups…then you become are seriously legit.
    I was very impressed with everyone’s deadlifts this AM. So many peeps hit a PR and form was really good. There was some heavy lifting going on – Chris H hit 405! Danny cranked out 455!

  4. Chris H

    The worst part was I thought it was only 3 rounds at first. Imagine my horror as I looked at the board and realized I had 2 more rounds to go!

  5. Charlie and Susan Clendening

    Rob and Wendy great times on the WOD,your times were really close.
    I am so happy my hamstring is getting better and I could finally lift some weight! Shelli welcome to Crossfit, you also know your legit when you buy the pedicure file and callous shaver for your hands.

  6. SaRi

    Shelli, you are one strong girl. I looked the board today… your weights today and yesterday were way up… What did you do before starting crossfit?! Welcome!