Sweat the Small Stuff


Sweat the Small Stuff

In the "real world" you've been told not to worry about the small things in life. In CrossFit, we want you to sweat the small stuff. So, what does that mean?

It's the little things that matter. You aren't going to excel at double unders unless you keep your wrists low and in front of you. You aren't going to increase your back squat if you don't drive your knees outward, keep your chest high, squeeze your glutes. You're never going to Rx a WOD with 100-plus pull-ups until you learn to kip…and so on, and so on. The small things add up to big accomplishments.

Ask yourself, are you paying attention to the small stuff?


Workout of the Day:


Five rounds for time of:
12 Deadlift 155/105
9 Hang power clean 155/105
6 Push jerk 155/105

11 Responses

  1. Tara

    This WOD was hard and I didn’t even RX it, not even close. The small number of reps is very misleading!

  2. Mrs. Kanuckles

    I love the photo for today… Worth a 1,000 words.
    I feel like someone punched my clavical 45 times. I need to get under that weight better, or get really high implants….

  3. I love today’s photo because it shows Melanie rocking out pull-ups with a 20# vest on!
    Kanuck – maybe we can get a “2 for 4” deal on implants. Let me know.

  4. Debbie D

    Rock on Melanie!!
    I bet there are others of us who would want in on the implant deal…makes those chest to floor pushups a little easier too!
    Wendy – will you be in tonight? If not, can you devise a modified WOD for me so I don’t blow out my strained hip muscle with those heavy weights (not that I’d be anywhere near the RX weight)? Last night felt great, btw.

  5. Kristi

    Great blog today Wendy! Little things are what make up the big things.
    Jim,you are a funny guy! I actually told Charlie yesterday he had nice pecks 🙂 Random but true.

  6. john Y.

    This one was a tuff one. I felt great after it was over. I was focused on the small things, like small amount of weight, and focused on my form. Although I did 30% less weight than Rx, it still kicked my glutes. I like the new equipment that keeps appearing in the BOX, Santa must love VBCF. Now we just need to try out some of those new ropes. Tomorrow is a main site rest day……

  7. Charlie and Susan Clendening

    Thanks Kristi & Jim, I’ll reconsider it, although I thought it would help my chest to bar pull ups!