Sugar Rush Workout – August 25

Last year, we introduced a benchmark partner workout called Sugar Rush, after which we held a dessert contest. Well…it’s time to retest Sugar Rush and enjoy some treats afterwards. Join us Saturday, August 25 at 11 AM.

Bring a partner or come as a single and we will match you up. Stick around afterwards and hang with your gym friends and enjoy a well-deserved indulgence. Some people have expressed an interest in making treats for the event. If you want to bring a dessert or beverage to share, please post in comments here by August 21. I will supply donuts, cupcakes, and sangria, too.

Here’s the workout:

Teams of two complete:
50 wall balls 20/14; scaled 10/6
50 calories – ski erg
60 (each) double-unders (120 singles)
60 calories – air bike
70 pull-ups
70 calories – row
80 burpees to a plate
800 m run (400 each, relay style)

– Work must be split EVENLY between partners (25 wall balls EACH;

35 pull-ups EACH, etc.)
– You can rotate partners as much as you’d like as long as each partner does half the reps
– Only one person can work at a time
– You must tag in and out (hand slap)
– partners can be male/male; female/female or male/female


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