Spotlight on: The Athertons


Spotlight on: The Athertons

We love the Athertons! Jim came into CFVB during our first week of business. He had been following the main site WODs and did what he could at his gym. He was pretty knowledgable about CrossFit movements and, being a rugby player, was already tough. Jim is consistent week after week and we never tire of his bizarre comments and off-color jokes.

About six months after he joined, Jim convinced his wife, Margaret, to give CrossFit a shot. She's been hooked ever since and is a member of the 7 AM crew. From what I hear, she's fitting into her "skinny jeans" and is feeling great.

Lastly, a few months ago Jim and Margaret's son, Jack, decided to become a CrossFitter. Jack is a lacrosse player and wanted to get an edge on the other athletes. At only 14, Jack finishes every WOD, is now eating Paleo and has dropped 10+ pounds!

Go Team Atherton!


Workout of the Day:

Five rounds for reps of:
1 min Wall ball 20/14
1 min 15 foot rope climb
Run 400m

Start each round exactly six minutes apart. Your rest period is whatever remains after the run.

19 Responses

  1. Brooks

    I just want to say that I am so impressed with Jack. He is quiet yet so determined. He’s going to be breathing fire down our necks pretty soon!

  2. Brooks

    I just want to say that I am so impressed with Jack. He is quiet yet so determined. He’s going to be breathing fire down our necks pretty soon!

  3. kristi

    I love the Athertons! Jim is an animal, Margaret is a tough cookie, and Jack has improved so much. It is cute to see them work out together and I love how it is a family affair.
    See you in the pm 🙂

  4. Diane Blais

    Crossfit is a great place to have your family work out together. A family that works out together will be strong together.
    Looks like another interesting workout today, sorry I missed it.

  5. Sonnysib

    Holy Rope Climb, I have been at crossfit for a while now and have never been lucky enough to do a WOD with a rope climb. SUCKS!!! I had no idea what a workout it is but I do now..Still fun though… Shout out to Wendy and J.Young good S#[email protected] on the rope climbs you def set the stndard today… Hooah!

  6. Rachel

    I agree about the Athertons, I workout with Margaret at 7am and she, like Jack, is quiet but determined…she has improved so much since I’ve known her…man that WOD was tough…where was the 6am class? Don’t worry, me and Sib stepped it up and took your place 😉 nice work on the rope climbs guys! and somebody please teach Rob and Sib to climb a rope like a crossfitter not like an ape haha

  7. John Y.

    Loved the rope climb, hated the wall balls and the running was just too Dam cold. Good work out, Good to see Rob eat some humble pie on the rope climb. Sib Rachel good job this am, Where was the Rest of the 6am class? Congrats Jim, Jack and Margaret. I have my two sons that each will do a WOD at home (without there shirts on) but they are only 2 and 4 and not quite ready for the Gym. Some day

  8. Charlie and Susan Clendening

    We love the Atherton’s too! Jack, it is so refreshing for us to see a teenager of your age with your determination who is so focused and committed to Crossfit just like your parents. I know they must be very proud of you as we are of our son Tanner! My rest day today, congrats Rachel you got Charlie by one point!

  9. Tara

    My alarm was set for 6 but the cold weather kept me in bed. No excuse, I will be there at 5! What happens if you not done running at the 6 minute mark? 🙂

  10. John Y.

    Chris I thought you would use that excuse. Tara, I was running so slow you could have walked faster and I still had 1.30 min. left each round.

  11. Tara – if you don’t make the 6-minute mark, you just keep going…no rest. And then if you don’t get your entire minutes on the wall balls and rope climbs, then we make you do them at the end. In front of everyone. In your underwear.

  12. Tara

    lol….I don’t think anyone would appreciate me going commando! However I would rather walk around the gym commando than do yesterday’s workout again.

  13. Margaret A.

    Hey, thanks for the nice writeup and comments! We are all addicted and can’t shut up about Crossfit to our friends…is it something in the chalk? More like the talk…great group of people to work out with. Thanks, guys.