Soon-to-Be Level 1 Trainers


Soon-to-Be Level 1 Trainers

Charlie and Sue will be headed to West Palm Beach this weekend to obtain their CrosFit Level 1 certifications. They are in for two jam-packed days of lectures, instruction, form check, workouts and fun. The crew from CrossFit HQ never disappoints and Sue and Charlie are sure to come back with better form and more knowledge on exercise, nutrition and coaching (and they'll be super-sore!).

Have fun!

Workout of the Day:

5 rounds, each for time of:
20 Pull-ups
30 Push-ups
40 Sit-ups
50 Squats

Rest precisely three minutes between each round.

18 Responses

  1. kristi

    Super job this morning everyone! Have fun this weekend Charlie and Sue. Sue, nice job being in charge this morning 🙂

  2. Diane Blais

    Kristi I feel your pain. I felt pretty shakey when I left this morning, I drank a recovery drink, took a shower and went back to bed. After breakfast of a chicken scramble I finally feel ok. That wod really kicked my butt.
    Wendy, hope you are feeling ok. Sue and Charlie, good luck this weekend, have fun too.

  3. Charlie and Susan Clendening

    Thanks Wendy,we are looking forward to learning more and practicing on our skills. Everybody did great this morning & I enjoyed helping out. Charlie and I will have to make this WOD Barbara up when we get back, so we can feel your pain! I am sure we will be sore after this weekend. Kristi & Diane rest those hands, no beach for you this weekend! Wendy & Rob Thank you for your help & support( I am ready for the middle ha ha) Charlie & I will do our best in representing CVB.

  4. Sue – I know you guys will represent us well! Thanks for helping out in my absence this AM, too.
    I will make this one up with you. I actually love Barbara! It’s one of the few I can beat Rob at!

  5. Tara

    Food log from yesterday:
    Bacon, apple with almond butter
    1/2 turkey sandwich (I know…I know)
    salad with olive oil/balsamic and beef patty.
    Ever since football started I have been having a hard time staying completely motivated and completely paleo!

  6. Tara

    I am still feeling good most of the time Wendy. I just LOVE food and it’s hard for me to see everyone around me eating whatever they want without a second thought. It makes me angry more than anything else, but jealous too. You know those people who can eat whatever and not gain a pound…ugh, hate those people! lol Chris will tell you that I have been doing really well on not drinking very much.
    I’m trying to work on my will power. Once I get back into the Vero office at work it won’t be as hard either.

  7. Hang in there…and those people who can eat “anything” without gaining a pound aren’t necessarily healthy. You are better off in the long-term. I really think it will help if you experiment a little with paleo recipes. It looks like boredom may be a factor, too.

  8. John C

    Tara-you are not alone. Football season is my hardest time of year to stay on a good diet. Saturday and Sundays all I want to do is eat bad food, drink beer and watch the games. Don’t feel bad, just try to stay on a strict workout schedule and eat the best you can. If you are going to cheat on the weekend just make sure your Monday-Friday eating is 100% on track.

  9. Diane Blais

    Tara, I have two sisters who all their lives ate whatever thay wanted, I could not do that, they thought I was crazy for watching what I eat and excersiing. They are now in their, late 40’a and late 50’s and they have all kinds of issues with their health and putting on the weight like crazy. Now they are asking me what to do, but it is so hard to make that change now. Ask yourself, is it worth the calories and extra work to eat this?? If not, save the cheat meal for something REALLY SPECIAL. Good luck, nobody said it would be easy.

  10. Shelli

    Hey Tara….how long you been at Crossfit? I noticed last coed season that you were leaning out…you are doing great! I just started my trial week at Crossfit this week and it is the best functional cross training I have seen yet. See you Tuesday at South County?

  11. SaRi

    Sue, Wendy, count me in for this WOD! I don’t remember if I have done it before, but it looks challenging. I hated to miss ” Barbara” this morning.