Short WODs


Short WODs

Part of the allure of CrossFit is that you don't spend hours upon hours at the gym. Varied, short, intense workouts get you fit.

When workouts are particularly short – in the 10 minute range – you have adequate amount of time to recover, then work on technique or strength. Everyone needs improvement on something. No excuses – grab a bar or a pvc pipe, practice your handstand, ask for help. Make it a goal to get stronger and better by the end of the year.


Workout of the Day
5 rounds for time:
30 Squats 
20  Box Jumps 24"
10 Clapping Push Ups

3 Responses

  1. I’ve been slacking on the posts! Been eating the same. Was totally paleo yesterday, but didn’t really have a regular eating pattern and didn’t have all my macronutrients at once.
    I ate some leftover meat for breakfast, grazed on nuts during the day and have a protein shake made with raw milk last night.

  2. Diane Blais

    After vacation I got back to eating right again, I feel better. I have been taking fish oil now for years, 4800 mg a day.
    Another quad burner this morning, but it was a good workout. Sue, hope your shoulder with heal by the weekend.

  3. Tara

    I’ve been slacking on the posts also. I am still on the Paleo diet and doing the best I can. The past few days have been harder because I haven’t been feeling well and we have had a lot going on. I’ve been mostly paleo but have had more cheat meals than I had the previous weeks. I’m going to hit it again hard core and will be doing my posts again.