September 9, 2016


Spotlight “Power Couple” Edition – Mike & Laura Bagby

Our first Member Spotlight for September is all about Laura and Mike Bagby. Chances are, you know them – they are not only a staple at CFVB, but they are also active members of our local community and owners of Rio Coco Cafe. He’s the smart, focused patriarch of the Bagby clan; she’s the upbeat and sweet mom to all. They both have a zest for life that’s undeniable.

Rob and I have gotten to know the Bagbys well over the past year. Mike is very passionate, interesting and well-traveled and can carry on conversation for hours. He’s even authored a book and has another in the works. Laura is a great cook and is always full of

life – she loves to dance and literally skips across the gym and smiles during the most brutal workouts. Her liveliness is infectious!

Mike and Laura live by example and make an impact on the world by funding schools in Nicaragua. On top of this, they have raised five amazing and talented children who are all part of


If you know them, chances are you feel blessed to have them I’m your lives. We know we do!

Here’s more on this month’s “power couple”…

Occupation: Nicaraguan School Administrators, coffee store volunteers, chef, author, hairdresser, coffee roaster

Family: Mikaela, Lukas, Arielle, and Moselle

Favorite CrossFit movement or workout: burpee box jumps (Laura), ski erg (Mike)

Favorite cheat meal: Hurricane Burgers and French Fries

Hobbies: Photography, Standup Paddleboard,

Hair design, jewelry making, flower arrangement, billiards

Little known fact about you: We have never

received a salary since we left Hawaii to work with Miskito Indians.


BagbyFamUnder2 BFamRCCUtila - Copy


Workout of the Day
Hip openers:
2 sets of
10 tempo goblet squats
1:00 frog stretch

5×5 tempo front squats
* bare foot

2 sets of:
100m reverse sled drag 90/50
directly into
100m sled sprint 90/50
*rest as needed

Midline: 200m slam ball/sand bag carry

Post your scores to the Whiteboard.


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