September 8, 2011


September 8, 2011

Change Your Lifestyle – Challenge #5

I was ready to swear off Paleo challenges. I was frustrated, as many people look at them as a short-term fix. Many do great during the challenge, but then fall off the wagon once it's over. It’s extremely frustrating.

HOWEVER, when I look back, I realize the challenges have been a turning point for many people. These people – Suzie, Pauline, Sally, Roger, Jim, Margaret A, Kristi, Rachelle, Rizza, Gina – make it all worthwhile. They made lasting changes and affected change in others. If it helps even a few people, then the effort is worth it.

Announcing the Paleo LIFESTYLE Challenge. Note, the word "Diet" is no longer present. We want you to change your life for good.

I invite everyone to participate. Newbies: this is your chance to fully commit. Returning Challengers: this is your opportunity to do it right this time. Don’t waste your time any longer. Commit!

This new challenge is 8 weeks long and starts September 19.

Now that's you've been given a head’s up to the challenge, begin making small changes and get your head in the game now.

Important Dates
September 13 (Tuesday) deadline to sign up for the Challenge
September 15 (Thursday), 5:30 PM Kick-off Meeting/Q & A (at the gym)
September 19 (Monday)    Officially Day 1
September 23 (Friday)   Deadline for Before Photos
November 11 (Friday)   Officially Final Day
November 11 (Friday)   Deadline for After Photos
November 14 (Monday)    Winner is announced on website

What I expect from you
- A food log (written or emailed – whatever works best)
- Before and after photos
– Detox period of a minimum of two weeks (I don't care if it's your birthday, wedding, bar mitzvah, anniversary, football season, etc.)
- Meal planning and cooking
– Goal setting and follow-through
- Consistency in the gym
– A good attitude
- Willpower
– Open communication (ask questions, give feedback)

What I don’t expect
- Excuses
- Minimal effort
– Negativity

What you will get from CFVB
- A Paleo information guide
– A cookbook with Paleo recipes we’ve tried and that are simple
- Unlimited advice and support
– Honesty (tough love)

What you will get from your body/mind
- Improved recovery
– Better performance
– More focus
- Less joint pain
- A new-found hotness!

And if you are chosen the winner, you get cash and a free month of unlimited sessions ($150 value)

The entry fee is $35. $25 goes to the “pot” for the winner; $10 for the guide and cookbook that I have compiled and printed.

A sign-up sheet is at the gym – sign up now. Let’s get a big group – more prize money, more support, more successes!

You work so hard at CrossFit, now let's give you even more to show for it. I’m excited about seeing the transformations. Let’s do it!

Never too late 

Workout of the Day:

Four rounds for time –
20 push-ups
30 sit-ups
40 steps, walking lunge

Then, spend 10 minutes working on one of the following:
Kipping pull-up
Butterfly pull-up

3 Responses

  1. Brenda

    Ok so it took me a year to realize that paleo is not a diet but a life change commitment. When I finally took on the challenge and brought my family aboard it was the best thing I have ever done. I loved when my ten year old said at least now when I eat I know I’m eating healthy. You are right Wendy no excuses. If I could do having such a busy schedule a teenager and a ten year old. Anyone could do it. The change that you will see in your family will make it worth it. or just do it for yourself. And the WODs are definitely better to get through when you are eating right. Wendy and Rob never give up promoting paleo. 🙂

  2. Thanks, Brenda. Since you and Tiff have gotten back on track, the change has been really significant. I commend you for taking the time to cook for your family. I know it gets hectic, but well worth it.
    I am hoping, by November, we’ve got some more converts!

  3. Yes it is time for me to get back on track again. I am in for the lifestyle challenge. My workouts have been suffering and I feel terrible. Bryan and I are considering doing the boy girl challenge in Feb. so we need some help. Thanks Wendy for all your help.