September 7, 2018

2 sets –
5 T-spine openers
5 each arm seated dumbbell external rotation
5 band pull aparts
5 tempo goblet squats
:10 frog stretch

3 sets of:
2 push press+2 push jerks+1 split jerk
@technical load

3 sets of:
5 muscle up transition box drill
5/3 Bar Muscle up or 5 bar/ring row+5 ring dips

3 sets of:
10 Stadler leg lifts
+ :25 straddle hold hollow hold
Rest as needed

Go Get ‘Em, Jeff!

Jeff Evans competes this weekend in the Pro Division of the Kill Cliff Granite Games in Minnesota. Jeff is a former CrossFit Games and multiple-year Regionals competitor and this is his big debut after taking a year off. Rob is up to support and coach. He’s ready!

Information can be found at

Leaderboard HERE.

Ride or Die Tonight 

Reserve your bike!

Here’s the workout:

Bike erg
Every 2:00 for 20:00:
500 meters @ 90 to 110 RPM
Air bike
10 sets of:
1:00 @ 80% (400 to 600 watts)
1:00 @ 50% (150 to 150 watts)


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