September 7, 2016

September Anniversaries

We have lots of anniversaries to celebrate

this month! Happy CFVB anniversary to…

Seven Years
Trent Leyda

Six Years
Patty Howard
Johnny Horne

Five Years 
Alden Bing

Four Years
Jake Bragg

Three Years 
Laura Funk
Bonnie Bailey

Two Years
Sandy Flick
Laura Radocaj
Andonia Kleopoulous
Emily Zambito

One Year 
John Zambito
Laura Bagby
Mike Bagby
Brian Bedard

jason odom front squat

Workout of the Day
Barbell warm-up

12 minute EMOM
Even minute – 3 position power clean
Odd minute – 3 position squat clean

5×5 Dball or sandbag squat
*3 second pause at bottom of squat

15 ring muscle ups (scale = 15 strict pull-ups + 15 dips)
30 handstand push ups
* This is not for time, accumulate in as little sets as possible, rest as needed between sets

2:00 frog stretch
:30 3-way hamstring stretch

Post your scores to the Whiteboard.


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