September 4, 2017

2 Rounds with a kettlebell of:
3 External Obliques opener :30 on :10
5 External Obliques opener variation: leg raises
5 Goblet squat @ tempo 3 sec down

2 x 10 Back squat @ 80%
2 x 5 each leg Single arm dumbbell split squat

2 x 10 Sandbag squats
2 x 5 each leg Dumbbell lunge

2 sets of:
8 Barbell row pronated grip
5 Each arm Single arm ring row

3 sets of:
10 D-ball or sandbag ground to over shoulder 100/60
50ft each arm Suite case carry
6 Each way Stir the pot


Member Spotlight – Alyssa Kerperien 

This month marks one year of CrossFit for Alyssa, although she was quite the gym rat before she walked through our doors. Coming from a traditional gym setting and teaching Body Pump classes, Alyssa was challenged by our more technical lifts. But, her calm demeanor, thoughtfulness and drive allowed her to completely change her movement…winning! 

Gentle, approachable and fun…we love having Alyssa here (and her daughter, Summer and husband, Randy, too)!

Here’s more…

Occupation: Part time group fitness instructor.

Husband- Randy Kerperien, Daughters- Summer 16 and Claire 5, Stepsons- Jaelen 15 and Jordan 13, Cats- Wally and Mookie

Favorite CrossFit movement or workout:
Wow it’s too difficult to choose just one, so I won’t! My

top 3 favorite movements at the moment are toes-to-bar, rope climbs and thrusters. I am a cardio freak at heart, so I love doing a lot of combinations of movements. I have yet to become friends with the Assault Bike though! The weightlifting has been humbling to say the least. I used to think I was really strong, which is pretty laughable now. But I know I’m getting closer every day, thanks to Rob and Wendy’s incredible patience and genuine interest in helping me get there.

Favorite Cheat Meal:
That has definitely evolved over the years. I’ve eaten about a 98% vegan diet for almost 2 years. BUT…. “Sushi grade” tuna is my absolute weakness (which isn’t a cheat meal to most but when your goal in life is to not harm animals it brings a whole new

level to the word). On a lighter note though, lol, I love Ruffles potato chips and can completely devour an endless amount of them. And IPAs. So yeah, a day that includes beer and potato chips is a good day.

Exercising has been a hobby since birth. I happily spend a lot of time working on choreography for the classes I teach. I also really enjoy fixing

and building things around our house. I’ve singlehandedly remodeled our kitchen and bathroom. I also volunteer at PetSmart to take care of

the cats a few times a month. Yes, I am a cat person.

Little Known Fact:
This question has really had me thinking. A lot. I grew up in Oxford, OH and left home at 18 to go swim for FAU. That didn’t last long. After discovering the party life and forgetting who I was for several years, I had a LONG road ahead to turn things around 1600 miles from home. That’s when I discovered the meaning of perseverance. Very long story, short, I eventually turned things around, obtained my bachelor’s degree and rediscovered my love of fitness (after having gained a whopping 60 lbs). I enjoy working hard and seeing results in all the things I choose to do.

Most of the time I feel very awkward around others. I’m definitely an introvert. But I feel like when I have the nerve to let people in, you’ll find I’m funny (with the mind of a teenage boy, lol), a good listener and genuine in my words and actions.

I love the camaraderie at CrossFit and enjoy watching everyone striving to be better every single day.


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