September 28, 2016

Vero Beast – Registration

Registrations have been slow-going for Vero Beast. I think some people just wait until the last minute; however our

coaches have heard grumblings about the standards. It seems that many people would like to do Rx but weights/movements are problematic for them and those same people believe that the scaled standards are too easy. So, they feel like they are in limbo.

Because this is a smaller in-house competition, we don’t have lots of divisions (scaled, intermediate, Rx, Rx+, masters, masters 55+, etc.). We do, however, have really great tests of fitness planned. If you are able to do 85# front squats in a workout, but the

scaled calls for 65#, then why wouldn’t you want to smash that workout and go as fast as possible?

Our standards for Rx are not outlandish. And each competitor is being judged by the same standards as everyone in their division, so our philosophy is “attack and try to win…the clock doesn’t lie”. Scaling down is a better and safer than struggling/getting time-capped just to say you competed in Rx.

We’ve designed Vero Beast to be a fun, throwdown between friends at our home gym. We don’t want you all stressed or

defeated because of “competition.” So, I hope those of you on the fence will consider looking at this day as a test of your fitness and have fun.

We love Vero Beast and put a lot of work into planning it. However, we need a minimum of 50 athletes in order to make this competition worthwhile for everyone involved. If we don’t get the

required number by October 21, then we will need to re-evaluate holding Vero Beast V. So, I hope you choose to register today!



Workout of the Day
6 minute AMRAP of:
7 Power snatch Rx 95/65 Master 65/45
4 Bar muscle (scale 8 chest to bar pull ups)

rest 10 minutes

6 minute AMRAP of:
7 Thrusters Rx 95/65 Master 65/45
10 burpees to a target

3 sets
10 Toes to bar
8 stir the pot

2:00 lizard stretch each side
2:00 banded hamstring stretch

Post your scores to the Whiteboard.


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