September 28, 2011


September 28, 2011

Final FGB Numbers

The final total for CFVB's Fight Gone Bad fundraising is $6161 – yeah! We rank 96th out of 880 affiliates who raised money. Great job, everyone!

Look Ma, no hands!

Workout of the Day:

CrossFit Total

1 rep-max Back squat
1-rep max Shoulder press
1-rep max Deadlift

after warming up, you get three attempts at each lift to find your max. Add your max for each lift together to arrive at your CrossFit total.

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  1. Sally

    Fresh Rosemary up for grabs in the am. If you really love it, grab enough to dry…hang it upside down in the dark for four weeks, or strip it off the branches and freeze… it’s good forever.