September 2, 2011


September 2, 2011

Boy/Girl Challenge

The date has been announced for the 2012 Intense Boy/Girl Challenge. It will be Sunday, February 12, 2012 at CrossFit BGI in West Palm Beach.

CFVB took several boy/girl teams and lots of spectators to the 2011 event and I think I can speak for everyone by saying we had a fantastic time. Personally, it's been my favorite CrossFit competition to date.

There are both Rx and scaled divisions, and teams are already forming! Creative team names are highly suggested and you can even wear costumes, matching shirts, etc.

Registration is not yet open, but we will keep you posted. Now is the time to get your team together. If you are interested and need a team mate, let it be known!

If you've been wanting to compete, this is a great first event.

Who is in? What's your team name? Do you need a partner? Post to comments.

Teacher pet 
Elliott & Kristi – Team Teacher's Pet

Workout of the Day:

Power Jerk 2-2-2-2-2

2 Prowler Pushes – 150m

16 Responses

  1. Tara

    Way to throw out the hint Wendy. Competitions scare me but I know Chris would love to do it so I will definitely consider it.
    I love Rob and Rachel’s name! I thought you and Marco were going to be The Swag & The Hag. I love that!

  2. Debbie Deb

    I agree that this is probably the ONLY CF competition I will ever sign up for but it was so much fun last year!
    Don and I are in again this year. Can’t do any worse than we did last year 🙂