September 14, 2011


September 14, 2011

Ask Them How They Did It

When Betsy started several months ago, she couldn't squat below parallel. When squatting, she came up on her toes and she was experiencing a lot of back pain. Today, she performs full-depth squats with flat feet and her back pain has improved (not to mention she's got Rx pull-ups, HSPU and rope climbs). How did she do it?

Because of years of body building, Greg came to us with basically no range of motion in his shoulders. Although he's one of the strongest guys in the gym, he couldn't overhead squat a PVC pipe with correct form. Now, he's performing weighted overhead squats and his shoulders are flexible enough that he's got muscle-ups and handstand push-ups. What happened?

Suzie had range-of-motion issues in her shoulders and her hips, struggling with keeping her arms locked out on overhead squats and failing to get to a deep squat depth. You should see her rep out overhead squat today! How did this magically happen?

So, what's the secret to their successes? In a word: MOBILITY.

Each of these people performs mobility exercises DAILY before and after the workout. Betsy focuses mainly on her hips; Greg on his shoulders and Suzie on both her hips and shoulders.

Is it easy? Nope. Is it exciting? Not at all. Does it work? Hell yeah!

Spend time DAILY really focusing on your mobility issues. A half-assed stretch doesn't cut it. Perform the mobility work that Rob and Joe have prescribed to you religiously. And educate yourseld. Our favorite resource for easy-to-understand mobility direction is Watch it daily. A bit of education and perseverence will result in the rewards of better performance and less pain.

REMINDER: The kick-off meeting for the Paleo Lifestyle Challenge is Thursday at 5:30 PM. If you are participating and cannot make it, please let me know.

REMINDER 2: Coverage of the CrossFit Games starts at 8 PM on ESPN2 on Wednesday.

UPDATE: Our total raised for FGB6 is currently $2675!


Workout of the Day:

For time –
Back squat (Rx = bodyweight)
Chest-to-bar pull-ups

– rest 5 minutes

AMRAP in 5 minutes
5 power snatch 135/95
25 double-unders

2 Responses

  1. joe PT

    There you go – the secret’s out! Stretch you mammals. Did you know that mammals are the only ones capable to trunk rotation (not side bend / lateral flexion)? Reptiles don’t,fish don’t, birds don’t…forget about the bugs.

  2. Greg

    You are so right Wendy! Lack of mobility totally hindered and frustrated me when I attempted several movements but with the advice from Rob and Joe J. I have been able to perform some of the exercises that I thought I would never be able to do.