September 12, 2016

Nutrition Seminar – Next Steps

We had a fantastic turnout for the nutrition seminar and I think everyone learned a lot and can take the information they learned and apply it to better reach goals. That said, diet is so uniquely individual that if you need some help, Jason is offering a nutrition challenge to get you going on the right path.

For those of you who want to enroll in the 8-week macro challenge, please send me an email and payment information (your credit card information

if I don’t have it already) by end of day Wednesday.  I will forward all participants to Jason and you be assigned a nutrition coach. The cost of the 8-week program is $150 total. I encourage you to participate, as working with him has been an eye-opening journey for me.

This challenge is open to anyone who attended the seminar. If you didn’t attend and want to participate, please let

me know. Check out Jason’s website at:

Note: if you are going to do the challenge, start tracking your food on the MyFitnessPal app, as you will be asked to provide three days of your food diary. Eat as you would normally so they get an accurate sense of what you are doing.

Feel free to post comments and questions here, too!

Saturday’s seminar

Workout of the Day
Barbell warm-up

Every :30 for 3 minutes
Power position squat clean

Rest 2 minutes

Every :30 for 3 minutes
Mid hang squat clean

Rest 2 minutes

Every :30 for 3 minutes
1 squat clean

3 sets of:
5 sand bag squats + 50ft sandbag carry
*3 second pause a bottom of squat

3 sets of:
2 toes to ring + 2 ring pull ups + 2 ring muscle ups + 1 dip (scale on pull up bar with chest to bar instead of muscle ups)
4 strict handstand push ups + 4 kipping handstand push ups

2:00 frog stretch
1:00 each side internal supine twist

Post your scores to the Whiteboard.


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