September 11, 2018

3 sets –
:30 bike erg
:30 ski erg
:30 row
10 standing toe touches

800 meter run
Then 2 rounds of:
500 meter ski erg
1000 meter bike erg

Directly into or at 13-minute mark:

400 meter run
Then 3 rounds of:
300 meter row
30 double unders (scale: 50 singles)

*25 minute time cap
Heats of 7 every 13 minutes

3 sets
:30 plank
:30 arch hold
5 abwheel rollouts

All Things Endurance

Rowing Technique Clinic 
On Saturday, September 22 at 11 AM, we will welcome Austin Work,

Director of Vero Beach Rowing and accomplished competitive rower, to the gym to conduct a technique clinic. If you are registered for the Dry

Try, admission is free! Anyone else, the fee is $10. No RSVP required.

Twilight 2-Mile
Test your 2-mile run this Saturday at the Twilight 2 Mile Race. The race begins at 6:30 PM and all information and registration can be found here:

Bonus: the race beneficiary is the Sebastian High School Cross Country Team, of which Joanne is a coach.

Training for the Dry Try
If you’ve signed up for the Dry Try, the smartest way to train ISN’T to hammer those distances over and over. Keep showing up to class and give it

your all, especially on endurance days, like Tuesday. In addition, the Engine Workouts we post each week will be programmed with the Dry Try in mind, so tackle those.

SOS Triathlon
This past Sunday, Vinnie Burke competed in the SOS Triathlon in Upstate New York. The course included eight stages:
– 30-mile bike
– 4.5-mile run
– 1.1-mile swim
– 5.5-mile run
– .5-mile swim
– 8-mile run
– .5-mile swim
– .7-mile run

Vinnie trained very hard for this race, which had some difficult conditions – 50-degree weather and overcast sky with a breeze. On the first 10 miles of the race, the front spoke of his bike broke. Instead of calling it

quits, Vinnie ripped the front brake assembly off his bikes and decided to continue (45 minutes later and dead last!). He then proceeded to pass people up and finished 45th overall (out of 136). Not the finish he was hoping for, but I think he’s a total badass for not letting something that was out of his control ruin his entire experience. The Dry Try will be a breeze for this guy!


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