Group Training Schedule

CrossFit Group Classes
Monday – Friday 5 AM, 6 AM, 7 AM…4:30, 5:30 and 6:30 PM (note: no 6:30 PM class on Fridays)
We have 9:30 AM and NOON classes on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday
Saturday at 6 AM, 7 AM, 8 AM and 9 AM

Teen Class
Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 4 PM
Please contact us for details

CrossFit Kids
Tuesday and Thursday at 4 PM
Please contact us for details
 *IF YOU ARE COMING IN FOR A FIRST VISIT, YOU MUST FIRST EMAIL OR CALL US TO SET UP AN APPOINTMENT/FITNESS EVALUATION. We want to make sure everyone gets the attention and instruction they deserve.

We accept drop-ins from EXPERIENCED CrossFitters only. Your CrossFit trainer MUST first contact us to verify that you are proficient at the movements.

Phone: 772.584.3745
Email: [email protected]