Running as a Skill

Running is wildly popular. It’s accessible, free, rewarding and many people claim that running allows them to “zone out” and relieve stress. Unfortunately, running isn’t simply putting one foot in front of the other. It’s a skill, just like lifting, golf or any other sport. Does running cause you

shin splints, IT band issues, plantar fasciitis or other pain? More likely than not, it’s your running technique.

Starting later this month, we are holding a course that will allow you to

practice and improve your running. We will meet twice per week for an hour on Monday and Wednesday afternoons (5:30 PM) for a month (8 sessions total). Included in the course is video analysis, drills and personal attention/coaching. The entire course is $100 and starts on October 25 and ends November 20. Spaces are limited, so if you’d like to register, email Wendy at

Joanne Duncanson, Physical Therapist, running coach and VS+C member will be leading. Additional information can be found in the PDF here: Running as a skill flyer


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