Resolution time


Resolution time

Tis' the season to make resolutions for the upcoming year. Many of you will resolve to make changes in your personal lives, at work and in relationships. I want to ask you to also look at your health and fitness "life" and see where you can improve. Look hard…are you eating well? are you pushing yourself hard enough? is there a goal you want to achieve?

After deciding on your resolution or goal, we want to know about it. We will post resolutions on a whiteboard in the gym. We will help you get there. And by publicly posting it, you will have the support of everyone at CFVB.


Workout of the Day:

Squat clean 1-1-1-1-1-1-1 reps


Five rounds for time:
5 squat cleans 155/105
20 Abmat sit-ups

11 Responses

  1. sonnysib

    Kristi I do if you need It, Its a military worksheet we use to measure BMI. Let me know if anyone needs a copy… Jan 1st cant come fast enough I miss the crew at CFVB. See yall soon.

  2. kristi

    Thanks Wendy. Just trying to come up with some of my resolutions. I didn’t want to do a weight goal because the number on the scale doesn’t tell you what is fat and what is muscle so I figured I would set a target body fat measurement I would like to achieve.

  3. Kristi – you have no body fat to lose. I would set a goal of eating Paleo for performance, but not necessarily losing body fat. And getting stronger.

  4. Gina

    Upper body weakness is really big for me. My resolution is to continue my overall strength training and as a measurable goal; 10 strict pull ups unassisted by year end. Right now I can’t do one.

  5. Charlie and Susan Clendening

    Kristi, I agree with Wendy your body has changed so much you have a lot more definition. Definitely eating for performance is one of our goals (tweaking it more) and I will be working on my rack position and the flexibility in my wrists. My goal is to have those elbows up and the bar on my shoulders!

  6. Diane Blais

    Krsti, we are going to call you the TRANSFOMER of crossfit. If you lose any more body fat you will be all bones and muscle in that wedding dress. You look Fantastic!!!
    I eat ok, but I need to change my eating to help me more with my performance also.
    Gina you will get the pull ups, just keep working at it with the attitude, I Can Do It!!