Reminder for Next Trigger Point Seminar


Reminder for Next Trigger Point Seminar

Saturday's seminar was a success! Don't forget to RSVP for this Saturday's next installation of our Trigger Point & Myofascial Release series, focusing on the cervical and thoracic region. It starts at 1 PM – wear workout clothes, bring a towel and a pillow.

Workout of the Day:

Overhead Squat 5-5-5-5-5


3 rounds for time:
15 kettlebell swings 70/55
20 double unders
25 sit-ups

8 Responses

  1. don edwards

    I know you all are dying to know: I have my best pr for the mile, under 10 min. WOW! I AM AMAZING! This may never happen again but it is pretty exciting for me. I had resigned myself that i would never be a “runner” but with cross-fit, now its another step toward being better than i ever expected.

  2. Christine

    Awesome Don! I better get back in the gym before you start sprinting past me like you tried to on A1A. 🙂 I love the photo of Sundra…what a little spit fire she is!

  3. don edwards

    Christine, I did sprint past you. You just caught me too fast. And you had a false start. Look over your shoulder cause i’m coming.

  4. That is wonderful Don, you have gone above your own expectations on your running. Keep Going !!! Sundra is showing us some perfect form on those front squats. Nice Picture!!
    Sorry Rob for dropping my wieghts this morning, I won’t let that happen again!! That made a little tooooooo much noise. I will take your advice and use the 15 lb bar with the rubber weights next time. Thanks for watching us to keep our form in line.

  5. Debbie D

    AWESOME, Don!! So proud of you. And I love that Sundra is today’s poster child. She rocks and I want to be just like her! 🙂
    No hernia (thank god!), just a strained muscle. I should be back soon, doing modified WODs. Need to chat with Wendy and Rob about that.