Quick Paleo Recipe


Quick Paleo Recipe

I tried this yesterday and it was easy and good. The cabbage is a nice change if you are used to eating lots of spinach and broccoli. It came from the website paleojustdoit.blogspot.com – check it out for other easy recipes.

Shrimp and Avocado Slaw (makes 1 serving)

-1 bag Dole angel hair shredded cabbage
-5-6 oz shrimp
-½ hass avocado (sliced/cubed)
-Lime juice
-Seasonings (I use Italian seasoning and crushed red pepper)


1. Par-cook shrimp (if fresh) in lime juice, garlic, and seasonings (if using frozen, put it at same right before slaw). When 1/2 of the way done, add the entire bag of cabbage (you will need a big sauté pan, but it cooks down a lot, so it seems like a lot, but its not).

2. Add more lime juice and seasonings and continue to stir until it starts to cook down and brown.

3. Add the avocado and mix/stir to get more of a smooth consistency.


Workout of the Day:

Kettlebell swings 55/70


work on rope climb

6 Responses

  1. Tara

    Sounds yummy Wendy!
    Is it weird that I had a dream last night that the tickets to go watch the first qualifier of the CF games went from $50 to $10. I was so ecstatic! This is why I don’t sleep at night. I’m constantly thinking crossfit…..usually nightmares but sometimes good dreams.

  2. don edwards

    You know Tara its funny you say this, since I am have coming to cross-fit and it started to show. Cross-fit is a subject that comes up in a lot of my conversations with others. People are asking what Im doing to lose weight and get in shape. Cross-fit has become such a great part of my day. I get a much better nights sleep, eating palio,I feel much better through out the day. Its hard not to share it with others.

  3. Debbie D

    I’m so bummed that I can’t even consider coming out to cheer you guys on at sectionals.
    But, for those of you who aren’t going…stop by the Pelican Island Wildlife Festival at Riverfront Park in Sebastian on March 13th. It’s fun for the whole family, including live music, live animals, food, beer, and fish printing (done by yours truly).

  4. Rachel

    you guys are awesome for wanting to come cheer us on…lord knows it makes all the difference when you have people pushing you