As you all know, we've been encountering a lack of parking spots in the front of our building during the PM classes, due to the Speakeasy a few doors down. The parking issue, along with bar patrons smoking out back, was a concern for many people who took the survey. I spoke with our landlord and agreed that I would notify our CrossFitters to make a concerted effort to park at the back of the building in the afternoons. There are more spaces back there and if our cars are in the back, it should cut down on the "hanging out" by the Speakeasy crew. Hopefully this will make it easy for both businesses to coexist in harmony!

So, PM CrossFitters: please park out back!


Workout of the Day:
Five rounds for load and time of:
3 Back Squat
20 Ring dips

9 Responses

  1. Chris H

    I just did the deck of cards WOD in the sand w/ 2 jokers in the deck. Diamond=pullups, hearts=pushups, spades=situps, clubs=squats and jokers=mile run. Both damn jokers were in the last 6 cards. Love the sandy workouts!

  2. john Y.

    The back squats are the easy part. Chris, I like the sound of this workout perhaps it can be worked into a “rest day on the main site” WOD. A Crossfit poker run if you will. I hope you were working while you did this that way I know my tax paying dollar is going to good use!

  3. Mrs. Kanuckles

    Tara gets a good snatch max and beats some people on a couple WODs and she starts running her mouth huh?