Paleo Challenge 2.0


Paleo Challenge 2.0

Back by popular demand, we will be holding another Paleo Challenge. The Challenge will begin on May 14 and run through July 2. (Kick-off meeting will be May 13)

I'm working out the details now and welcome any suggestions from participants in our first challenge.

I hope many of you are inspired to jump on board and change your lives!

Workout of the Day:

– 800 m run for time
rest 3 minutes
– max pull-ups
rest 3 minutes
– 1000 m row for time
ret 3 minutes
– max reps thrusters 95/65

11 Responses

  1. frankie

    Is it bad that I saw this work out and my eyes opened and said, “Oooooo…me likey” hahaha I hate rest days, yesterday seemed like forver, I almost cheated and went for a run 🙁 See you after work!

  2. Rachel

    Frankie you better beat my 2:45 800m run time with a 6:03 mile under your belt…kristi I tried to imagine you next to me doing thrusters…hopefully 25 was enough! and i suck at pull ups so I know you can beat 17…good luck everyone!

  3. SIB

    Rach your lucky I wont there to crush you today…This one looks good. I tell you what this crossfit here is serious.. But I dont have anyway to have some fun competition with. So far just staying quiet BUT that wont last long.

  4. Rachel

    Bring it Sib! haha, yea you probably would of beat my time by like a second you freak of nature! Yea your shyness won’t last long, just find another girl to compete with (since you know you can’t do guys Rx half the time anyways) 🙂 miss you buddy!