October 4, 2018

3 rounds, increasing pace per round, of:
:30 row
:30 Bike erg
:30 Ski

10,000 meter bike erg + 5,000 meter row
Work 2:00, rest 1:00 until complete
Split anyway & start at either machine, one person/one machine works at a time

4:00 Sandbag hold (accumulate, rest as needed)

Wise Words
The following write-up came to me via email from Revival Strength. It was authored by Marcus Filly, a Games athlete/super coach/developer of Functional Bodybuilding (we use many of his accessory movements in our programming). I thought it was spot-on and very good advice. I’ve spoken to many of you recently who felt like you’ve taken steps backwards because of travel, illness, stress or just lack of consistency in general. I hope you gain some perspective from his words and they helps you get reengaged and motivated.

When You Dread Going to the Gym 
I have days when I’m just not feeling it. When I’m tired,

it’s a million degrees in the gym, there’s no coffee, and

I’d just rather be home hanging out with my wife and daughter. Even the pros have times like this.

The difference is when it drags on.

When you know you’ve put your all into your training, and you feel at a standstill. When you muster up the will to train and just keep asking yourself why the entire time. When nagging injuries are stacking up and you wonder if you’ll ever feel normal again.

When your body feels broken, and your spirit too.

The thing is, our bodies are meant to move – and when you’ve known joy in your training, even if fleeting, giving up on it isn’t an option. I mean, are you really just going to sit on your couch for the rest of your life?

I’ve been through this firsthand, at a time when it felt like everyone in the world saw me as one of the fittest people in the world, and I barely felt fit enough to make breakfast.

Here is how to fall in love with training all over again:

Turn off the clock. Forget about how much weight is on the bar. Unless you’re in a competition, nobody cares anyway. Drop what you were doing before, because the same things you’ve done are only going to bring the same results.

Breathe. Move slowly, lightly, with quality. Notice little details, like how tucking your elbow down while holding a kettlebell in a front rack position activates your scap a little more. Interesting.

Explore your range of motion safely. Feel your mind become alert when you

crawl and transfer weight from front to back, and side to side. Enjoy simplicitywith no pressure to perform and no expectations from yourself, other than to show up and move your body to the best of your ability that day.

Stable to unstable. Many reps to few. Long tempos to short. These are the

ways you can rebuild. With purpose, letting the energy build as you move,

until you can control your fire: a gentle simmer at times, or a rocket launch explosion.


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