October 27, 2016

Transformation Thursday 

I asked a few of our members to write testimonials about their journey at CFVB. Taylor Rye is one of them. Most

of you know Taylor, he’s been here for over a year and he’s lost over 100

lbs. We even named our 100# kettlebell after him when he hit the 100 mark! Here are his words and pictures…proving that our program is for anyone. 

I came to Crossfit a little unsure of what

to expect, but instantly felt like it was right for me. My fitness had been good in the past, but not for many years. I was ready to get back to a

more fit me, and I ended up stronger and healthier than I really thought possible with the lifestyle that I had been living.  The people there both welcomed me, and pushed me to work harder than i thought i could. The results came fast, and the encouragement and praise for my effort came even faster. The community is the greatest aspect of crossfit, and the people here are why I get excited everyday to come back.

Before and after


Workout of the Day
1k Meter Row @ 80%

3 minute rest 

1000m ski erg @85%

3 minute rest

500 Meter Row @ 90%

2 minute rest 

500m ski erg @95%

Mobility: 3 sets –
5 each arm: Quadruped Rotation with Band Assist
5 each arm: Active Open Book

Post your scores to the Whiteboard.


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