October 20, 2016


Spotlight – Kent Annan

Kent is the “silver fox” who works out in the afternoon when he’s not traveling to promote his books and/or focusing on educating the people of Haiti. This month marks two years at CFVB and we’ve gotten to know him as a quiet, smiling humanitarian. Kent is

selfless and prides himself on being a family man. He’s also a great listener, open to coaching cues and has a very gentle way about him. If you see Kent, strike up a conversation…he’s an interesting guy!

More on Kent…

Occupation: Co-director of Haiti Partners,

a nonprofit that does education work with primary schools and churches in


Family: Married to Shelly, with a 5th-grade daughter and 2nd-grade son

Favorite CrossFit movement or workout: I’ve liked learning and doing the lifts like the power clean…even though I still have lots of learning still to go! 🙂

Favorite cheat meal: Pizza

Hobbies: Playing ping-pong or going to the

beach with my kids

Little known fact about you: My third book

just came out, titled Slow Kingdom Coming. I’ve been traveling around the country promoting the book over the past few months.

img_1350 img_1564 img_1757


Workout of the Day
4 sets at increasing effort 75-80-85-95%
100m sled push 140/90
200m run
4 minutes rest between rounds

3 sets:
5 each arm Quadruped Rotation with Band Assist
5 each arm Active Open Book

Post your scores to the Whiteboard.


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