October 16, 2017

2 sets of:
:10 Squatting quad
10 hinges with barbell
5 barbell front squats
20 double-unders
:20 soleus stretch

3 sets not for time of:
50 meter sled push
5 deadlift
10 ball-slams
2:00 rest between sets

2 sets of:
6 dumbbell rows
8 bar rows
10 banded pull downs

3 sets of:
50 Ft suitcase carry
:30 side plank each side

The Warm-Up 

The group warm-up is meant to give you all a good, general warm-up for the programmed workout. An appropriate, longer warm-up with specific mobility/engagement exercises for each athlete would cut way into class time. So, we ask that you arrive BEFORE class to, at the very least, warm your system up on the bike or rower. Even better, add in the specific mobility work that YOU know you need.

The group warm-up is the bare minimum, so please don’t show up right on the top of class (or worse, late!). This will only better prepare you for the task at hand and also reduce the rate of injury.


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