October 11, 2017

2 Rounds
50 Meter sled push
10 air squats
10 Burpees

For time:
150 Meter sled push 120/70
15 Dumbbell hang squat cleans RX 50/35; Master55+ 40/25
40 Burpees to a target
Heats of 5

For time:
75 Meter sled push
15 sandbag squats
30 Burpees

4 sets of:
5 D-ball or sandbag ground to over shoulder 150/100
50ft (each arm) Suitcase carry
10 Abmat sit ups

1 set of:
2:00 Frog stretch
2:00 Box stretch


Reach Your Goals 

In our experience, there are two types of athletes who talk through our doors: those who just want a great workout and those who have specific performance goals. Both are totally fine, but many of you with certain goals

feel overwhelmed on how best to achieve them. If you are the latter, here

are two paths that may work for you:

  1. A personal skill session. You may want to get to the top of a rope,

    master butterfly pull-ups or fine-tune your snatch technique…a 1/2 hour

    session with a coach is just what you need to create a personal plan to achieve your goal.

  2. Personal programming. Maybe, after some time at the gym, you feel that you’ve plateaued. Or you want to prep for the CrossFit Open. Perhaps you want to compete in a few events throughout the year. If so, we can match you with a coach who will program extra accessory and skill development work, based on your weaknesses. This extra work will enhance and support the gym’s programming, but take you to the next level.

Interested? See a coach or email Wendy at

And Speaking of Goals…

McKenzie qualified as an individual in the ELITE division of Wodapalooza!

Only the top 25 in this division qualify and she was up against mostly Games and Regional athletes. She even won a workout! We can’t wait to see her compete in January.


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