October 10, 2016


Spotlight – Mike G

Mike celebrates his first year of CrossFit this month! We love so many things about him…

  1. He has zero ego and focuses on technique over heavy weights.
  2. He always sticks around for midline and mobility.
  3. He concentrates, takes direction and works hard.
  4. He’s calm and cool, always on time and always friendly.
  5. He’s interesting. We realize Mike is a private person, so we are honored that he chose to open up so that CFVB can learn a little more about him.

And here it is…

Occupation: Retired from the U.S. Army now working as a data analyst for the federal government

Family:  Daughters – Beverly and Patricia; son – Riley; son-in-law – Kellen; granddaughter – Ella

Favorite CrossFit movement or workout: Midline and Mobility.  These have really helped strengthen my core and improve my flexibility

Favorite cheat meal: Chips and guacamole from Rosa Mexicano in Washington DC and pretty much anything from the

Cheesecake Factory.  Locally – Mulligans monster fish and chips.

Hobbies:  Amusing myself, photography, fishing, people-watching, attending concerts and hockey games (Go Caps!), running, cooking (mostly Latin American and Caribbean dishes), playing

really bad guitar

Little known fact about you:   Here’s a couple.  (1) I was the only American at my wedding in Honduras.  I was part of a team providing medical, dental, and veterinary care in remote locations.  Everyone else was stuck in a little village in the mountains after fog moved in and the helicopters couldn’t fly out.  (2) Who volunteers to get malaria?  This guy!  I participated in a drug trial for a malaria preventative as a control which meant I didn’t get any preventative but instead I let infected mosquitos feed off me to prove that they had and were capable

of transmitting the disease.  They did, they were, and I got sick as

a dog.

me-summer-2016 grabenbauer

bev-patricia riley bev-kellen-ella

Workout of the Day
Barbell warm-up

Every 1:30 for 12 minutes:
1 Power Position Power clean and 2 jerks + 1 mid-hang clean and 2 jerks
**Work on cycling into jerk
**Use your working weight for a metcon that includes clean & jerk

2 sets:
16 alternating pistols – RX+ weighted
Rest as needed between sets
**Scale 8 Sandbag squats + accumulate :30 l-sit

3 sets:
5 beat swings + 5 kipping pull-ups + 5 chest-to-bar pull-ups
Beat swing demo:

Midline –
2 sets:
10 dumbbell Z press
1:00 plank hold

Post your scores to the Whiteboard.


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