November 7, 2017

2 Rounds of:
100 Meter run
15 Burpees
5 Step ups
5 Box jumps
:30 Air bike

For time:
1000 Meter run
25 Burpees to a target
15 Box jumps 24/20
50 Calories air bike
25 Burpees to a target
15 Box jumps 24/20
1000 Meter run
26 Minute time cap
Heats of 8 every 10 minutes

500 Meter run
15 Burpees
10 Box jumps
30 Calories Air bike
15 Burpees
10 Box jumps 24/20
500 Meter run

5 Minute EMOM
5 Dumbbell close grip push-up
5 Dumbbell hammer curls
5 Dumbbell side delt raise

2 sets of:
2:00 each side pigeon stretch
2:00 frog stretch

Member Spotlight – Joy Brann

Joy is

truly a “joy” to have in the gym. She’s one of our few snowbirds, opting to live in the cooler Maine climate in the summer. And we miss her calm attitude, sly smile and nose-to-the grindstone work ethic when she’s gone. Joy was one of the early adopters of the Structure program and she’s

totally committed to the weekly workouts, making zero excuses. As a result, we’ve seen her get stronger! Kind, positive and genuine…these three words perfectly describe Joy. Here’s more: 

Occupation: Lucky enough not to have one per se.  
Family: Husband Chris, three sons- Ryan 42, James 39, and Evan, 37.  Two daughter’s-in-law Angela and Katie.  We are now the guardians of my 13 year old cousin Karoline.  We have

three grandchildren- Payton 17, Coco 12, and Wil 5.  One dog Jackie the Jack Russell, almost 2.

What’s your go-to workout music?: What ever is playing is good for me.  When running on my own I prefer no music.
Favorite CrossFit movement or workout:   Love structure!  It has improved my posture in a short time with gains in upper body strength.
What would you eat for your final meal?: Lobster macaroni and cheese.  I make it and it’s a family favorite.
Hobbies: Love spending time with family, walking the dog on the beach in Maine,  road trips, skiing although Chris has to talk me into going to a cold place often to no avail.  Fishing in Maine with my boys.   We  have had some sort of real estate project going on for the last ten years which is mostly enjoyable.
Little Known Fact: I trained to

be a marriage and family therapist so If I did have an occupation that’s what it would be. 


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