November 7, 2011


November 7, 2011

Infidel Throwdown Recap

Rob, Rachel and Charlie competed in the Infidel Throwdown at CrossFit Firebase on Saturday. The competition consisted of three events – a 3-rep max of a hang clean and jerk; a chipper (our CFVB WOD Saturday) and a three-rounder that included rowing, deadlifts and farmer's carries.

All of our athletes fought it out through all events and the star of the weekend was Charlie. The men's masters category (age 40 +) was stacked with amazing athletes and was so much fun to watch. There were lots of close races, some cat-and-mouse chases, and impressive performances. Charlie ended up 5th overall, beating guys 10+ years younger. He PR'ed his max lift, he never stopped during the chipper and he placed second in the last event, despite his farmer carry bar completely coming part!

We were all so proud of Charlie and all of our athletes!

Also, a congrats to Missy, owner of CF Fort Pierce and CFVB friend, who got 2nd in the women's master's. 

Rob completed three reps of a hang clean & jerk at 230#

Charlie with 175# (three reps of the hang clean & jerk)

Rachel in the final WOD

Workout of the Day:

Four rounds for time –
400 m row (damper on 10)
*20 hand release push-ups
20 double unders


Push press 2-2-2-2

* A note about hand-release push-ups. We aren't break dancing. They shouldn't look like the "centipede". Take your time, keep your butt and core tight, keep your toes in contact with the floor.

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  1. Tiney

    Way to go Charlie! Congrats to everyone who competed this past weekend. Wish I could have been there to cheer you on!!