November 6, 2014


November 6, 2014

Vero Beast Details

This is a repost front he Vero Beast blog in case you missed it…

The Events
All the events have been posted – good luck to everyone!

If you have questions, please post to comments on this blog. I’ve been getting questions in person but would love everyone to see questions and answers. Don’t be embarrassed – if you’re thinking something, chances are someone else is, too. Let’s get it all ironed out before game day.

We will post heats late next week. As many of you know, we are expanding the gym and it’s taken longer than expected, so we are keeping our fingers crossed that we will at least have a few walls knocked down and have a little more space. So, I’m waiting to figure out heats until we know a little more.

For heats, we will be scaled first, then Masters, then Rx.

I will also be posting a detailed timeline late next week. But, for your planning purposes, plan on:

– Registration opens at 7 AM
– 1st event at 8:30 AM
– Awards around 4:30 PM

Other Details
Bring your pop-up tents. There will be a designated “athlete village” out back to set them up so you can hang out between workouts.

Jones Old School BBQ will be selling food, but bring enough food and drink for your fuel during the workouts.

phin upside down
It’s better upside down

Workout of the Day
8 rounds for time of:
8 KB swings (Russian) 55/35
8 pull-ups

Core Crush – advanced & beginner (trainer’-ed)
4 rounds of
:30 v-ups or sit-ups
:30 superman hold or arch rocks
:30 hollow body hold or hollow rocks
– If you aren’t AMAZING with the beginner movements, then don’t do the advanced moves. Master the basics first. 


Arch Rocks:

Hollow Rocks:


Skill work! This is a light day, so take the time to work on your year-end goal, movements for Vero Beast, etc.

Post your scores to the Whiteboard.