November 3, 2017

2:00 bike (:30 easy/:30 bike sprint
10 quarter squat jumps
10 russian kettle bell swings
:20 squatting quad
Trainer led bar path

10 minutes to build to heavy power snatch + overhead squat

Every :15 for 5 minutes
1 power snatch (goal is to catch snatch slightly lower than previous week)

10 minutes to work on power snatch from power position

Every :15 for 5 minutes
1 power snatch from power position

2 sets:
6 half kneeling kettlebell presses + 10 single arm (same arm) alternating

lunges each side
(Alternate: 6 half kneeling presses + 10 front rack walking lunges)
8 Z-Press
10 Dumbbell bench press

EMOM for 5 minutes of:
5 sandbag/d-ball/med ball throws
5 box jumps

3 sets of:
100m sandbag carry
directly into
:20 back extension static hold 

Member Spotlight – Kandace Trodglen

Kandace joined Vero Strength + Conditioning one year ago, after deciding to join her then-boyfriend (now finance), Matt. From the get-go, she’s been calm, cool and collected. As an athlete, she never sacrifices form for weight, always conservative and having killer technique. This paid off big time in her first CrossFit competition (with gym buddies Alli and Emily) a few weekends ago when she PR’ed her snatch (using a men’s bar no less!). She’s hard-working in and out of the gym and handles her stressful job with grace and patience. We love her kind personality and smart wit! Here’s more…

Name: Kandace (or according to Starbucks it’s Candice, Candace, Candance,

or Candic…the last one still confuses me)

Occupation: Behavioral Health Specialist, with a focus on the post-adopt youth. I assist in coordinating services for children and families who are struggling with the behaviors of a child adopted through the state, with hopes that the parents do not choose to revoke their parental rights for the child.

Family: I have my parents, who have been married for over 40 years! I’m one of five children from them. Three of my siblings are married. Two of my siblings have children. I have 4 nieces and 2 nephews. And Matt and I are getting married 12/22/17!

What’s your go-to workout music?: Something fast paced. Basically anything that has “remix” in the title

Favorite CrossFit movement or workout: Whatever is programmed in barbell is always a good time

What would you eat for your final meal?: MAC AND CHEESE

Hobbies: I’ve been watching Friends and How I Met Your Mother reruns for years. I still laugh every time. I also enjoy visiting breweries and wineriesÂ

Little Known Fact: I got my bachelor’s degree in Social Work from Florida

State University (go Noles!) at age 20 because I graduated high school with an AA degree. I stayed another year at FSU and got a Master’s degree in social work too.


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