November 3, 2016


Spotlight – Flynn Fidgeon

It’s only fitting that we feature Flynn on

Thursday, as it’s “cardio day” and that’s what he really excels at! If you haven’t had the opportunity to see Flynn at the gym, you may recognize him from the news. (No, surprisingly not a mug shot…he’s a Spokesperson for the School Board!)

Flynn celebrates his 1-year anniversary at

CFVB this month. He FINALLY came in after his wife, Chelsea, had been here for several years. She still lifts more than him. Flynn is fun, quick-witted, sharp-tongued and he loves gangsta rap when working out. Don’t let the constant smirk on his face lead you to believe he’s just a happy guy – he’s absolutely up to something. Be concerned. And that’s why

he fits in here so well!

More on our buddy Flynn…

Occupation: For that information, please submit an official public records request.

Family: Chelsea & Henry.  If you don’t include my brothers from other mothers Vinny Burke and Jason Nance.

Favorite CrossFit movement or workout:  Anything I can beat my wife at.

Favorite cheat meal: Publix Supreme Pizza and Black & White Cookies (not at the same time, obviously) ((or, f*ck it, at the same time))

Hobbies:  Besides CrossFit?  Watching Team USA Olympic Basketball.  Which kinda sucks because it only lasts 2 weeks every 4 years.

Little known fact about you:  I wasn’t born in Florida.  I was born in McMinnville, Oregon.  I’ve lived in Vero Beach since before my first birthday though.  So, it’s easier to say I’m born and raised in Vero Beach then to go on a auto-biographical tangent about a place I don’t remember and nobody cares about.  See.  It took you 12 seconds of your life that you can never have back to read that.

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Workout of the Day
Team of 2 for time: (heats of 7)
20 rounds of:
10 calorie row
10 calorie ski

3 sets of 5 each arm:
Quadruped rotation with band assistance
Active open book

Post your scores to the Whiteboard.


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