November 28, 2017

2 rounds:
:30 row
10 beat swings->2 muscle-ups (5 pull-ups)
5 box step ups->5 box jumps
10 air squats

For time:
Buy in: 2000m row

Directly into

8 rounds of:
3 ring muscle ups (masters 5 chest to bar)
6 box jump overs 24/20
9 air squats
*20 minute time cap

For time:
Buy in: 1500m row

Directly into

8 rounds of:
4 ring rows
6 box step overs
8 air squats

3 sets of:
7 D-ball or sandbag ground-to-over-shoulder 100/75
5 each side kettlebell turkish sit-up
100ft each side suitcase carry

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