November 24, 2011


November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

Of course, we are thankful for the "big things" – family, friends, our health, Gigi and Leon. And all of YOU, our awesome members who have also become friends. There are also lots of little things associated with our CrossFit gym that also make us happy.

We are thankful for…

– The people who make comments on the blog. It makes the daily posts worth the effort. (the sarcastic and funny remarks are especially appreciated.)
– Members who do their research and come in prepared for the WOD
– Joe, for selflessly helping people with their aches and pains and for leading the free WOD each month
– People like Diane, for always making everyone feel welcome, especially the newbies
– Chase and Karl for cleaning the gym every weekend
– Our pregnant members, who are coming in consistently and serving as an inspiration to everyone
– The CFVBers that have realized that a good diet makes all the difference in their health, appearance and performance…you guys have become walking advertisements for us!
– Everyone who comes in with a smile on their faces, even at 5 AM.
– The people who understand Rob's "looks" and find them to be part of his charm.
– Our 50+ crowd who prove that age is just a number.
– Sally and Roger for hosting the holiday party
– People like Jim A, Sandy and the Blais' who have been with us since we first opened
– PRs, and watching people get them
– Rest days

What are you thankful for?


6 Responses

  1. Kristi

    So thankful for CFVB! Not only has it helped with my health and fitness but I have met such amazing people since I started. Thank you Rob and Wendy for a. bringing a CF to Vero and b. continuing to make it the better and better 🙂

  2. Amanda

    Thankful that Daddy Raja and Sally were so persistent at getting Brad and me to try out CFVB. My day just isn’t the same if it doesn’t start out with my 5 AM class. Happy Thanksgiving to my second family.

  3. Brenda

    I’m thankful for my coaches Rob, Wendy and king DNF I couldn’t get through a work out with out you guys. Joe with calling me out on my no rep and for Rob that loves to hear his voice 😉 you guys are awesome . Love my Crossfit family.

  4. Thankful for Rob and Wendy opening CFVB and weening us off of P90X. Thankful for the growing family we have aquired at 5:00am and beyond. We are here to stay. Thankful that my son has joined us at CVFB. Ane I also love the blogs.