November 23, 2018

2 sets –
5 Each arm external shoulder rotation
5 Bench lying plate overhead stretch
10 foam roll wall slides with band around wrists
5 Bench thoracic spine + lat stretch

Start on any of the three circuits shown below. Complete all sets before moving to other circuit. Rest no longer than 2 minutes between sets.

Circuit 1:
3 sets of –
8 each arm single arm hollow body floor press
10 each arm single arm plank dumbbell row

Circuit 2:
3 sets of –
:15 Farmers hold+50ft Farmers walk
5 single leg strict toe to bar (5 on one side, 5 on the other)

Circuit 3:
3 sets –
8 Kettlebell Z-Press
10 Barbell bicep curls
8 each arm single arm banded tricep extension

1:00 Each side twisted cross
1:00 Box stretch
10 PVC pass throughs

Classes are at 7, 8 and 9 AM only today!

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