November 22, 2017

Morning classes only today (5, 6, 7 and 9:30 AM).

See you Friday at 7, 8 or 9 AM only.

Good luck to our Turkey Trotters! 

2 Rounds
5 Hinge – empty bar
5 Beat swings
5 Toes to bar
5 Push ups

For time:
20-15-10-5 reps of –
Deadlift RX+ 225/155; RX/Master 185/135

21-15-9 reps of:
Russian kettlebell swings
Bar or ring rows
Push ups to a box

5 Minute EMOM of:
5 Dumbbell close grip push-up
5 Dumbbell hammer curls
5 Dumbbell side delt raise

2sets of:
1:00 each side twisted cross
1:00 box stretch

The Results Are In!

Thank you for filling out our member survey. We had 47 responses, which is a huge compliance rate and we appreciate everyone taking a few minutes to give us feedback. It’s an opportunity for us to continue the positives as well as fix anything we aren’t doing well at. Below we discuss the results, both good and bad.

The good news is that you are all pretty darn happy! Common themes are:

  • You love the coaches/coaching
  • You love the other members/family atmosphere and the words “camaraderie” and “friends” were used often.
  • You like the group warm-ups.
  • You enjoy the programming.

Some of our favorite comments were:

  • Best CF box I’ve ever been to!
  • Your attention to detail and approach and correction are spot on.
  • I always leave the gym feeling good and I don’t ever feel like I am lacking movement in different muscles because of how well rounded the workouts are.
  • Program is well-thought out and well rounded…produces results without too much time.

When asked to rank how you feel Overall about the gym, the average was 9.18 out of 10 stars.

When asked to rank Coaching, the average was 9 out of 10 stars.

Ideas for new products in our retail store – no trends here, so if you ever have a suggestion, please let us know. It’s hard to stock lots of items since we have a limited audience and minimums for vendors, but if there are things that you want to buy, we want to sell them!

Suggested social gatherings – looks like we will be planning a BBQ! We can add some games/competition to that day, too. Stay tuned, as we are thinking a Saturday in February for this.

Although we got mostly rave reviews, we did get a few negative comments. We hate to think that there is even one person not having a good time here, but this is an opportunity to communicate. So, below we will tackle those negative comments…

  • “Selection is great, would be nice if we did not have to pay for Structure, Sweat, etc.”

We are in a service business, employing skilled manpower to run classes. We want to be able to pay our coaches appropriately and they are paid for

their time and/or class attendance. Our gym model is not one where you basically “rent” equipment, we are very hands-on – that’s what you are paying for. So, when we add a program, like Sweat, outside of CrossFit, there is a cost for us. Once you complete the personals for Structure, we don’t charge extra for the programming.

  • “Enjoy partner WODs and typical metcons. Don’t like the redundancy”

I think this person, when mentioning redundancy, is referring to some of the slow lifts we do. While they aren’t as “sexy”

as a metcon, they serve a very important purpose – strength building, saving you from injury, balancing muscle groups, giving you results without wear and tear, etc. The reason we will repeat these movements is that repetition is what creates an adaptation. That said, you should be pushing yourselves on these – not just using the same weight each week, but increasing. It will actually have carry-over to improvements in


  • Two people mentioned not liking the music

EASY fix! We are always open to playing whatever you want. Just give us an artist on Pandora and we are on it. People have different tastes in workout music and we’d be happy to plug in yours. Speak up.

  • One person wants a water fountain.

We have a chilled water cooler we pay monthly for. Bring in your bottle (we’ve gone green and don’t offer disposable cups) and fill-er up!

  • The gym overall…the atmosphere lacks excitement. I’d prefer loud music and being yelled at during metcons.

This is definitely gym culture thing. And each coach has his or her own style. Rob and Liz tend to be very calm and technical; Charlie and Colin are a bit louder and cheer athletes on more. And, I think I can speak for most of our coaches, that yelling does not equal coaching. However, we can always strive to be more encouraging!

  • The coaching is great…when you get it.


For the average person, I would say to feel more welcome. Appreciated. The trainers seem more worried about their own work, selfies and personal agendas than the members.

The two people that wrote the above comments gave us 3 stars overall and gave our coaching a 2 stars. I’d LOVE to have an open conversation with these two people, as it’s disconcerting that someone dislikes his or her experience here that much. Maybe we take for granted that most of our members are super friendly and, if someone is shy, we could be more welcoming. However, we pride ourselves on our coaching, so there seems to be a disconnect here. So, to you two: reach out to me PLEASE…let’s do lunch!

And regarding coaches working out. Coaches don’t work out when they are on the clock. But, they may be working out during class times (while off the clock). They are entitled to focusing on their own workouts, so if you have questions, please ask a coach on duty. We are always happy to help.

Bottom line: the survey was overwhelmingly positive. I’ve shared the results with our staff and we promise to take your criticisms to heart and use them as an opportunity to improve. Also, don’t wait for the next survey to voice any opinions, good or bad. Rob and I are always willing

to talk and we also have a comments box. This gym is a labor of love for us…so thank you for your support!


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