November 21, 2016

WZA Update

As you may know, we had four teams compete

in the Wodaplaooza qualifier for a chance to participate in the big event

in January in Miami. Thousands of teams – from Games athletes to weekend warriors  – took part. Here are the team names and members from


Snatch Made in Heaven (Intermediate Division) – Paul Hamilton, Cliff Wilson and Bobby Sunkel

Vero’s Heroes (Intermediate Division) – Vinny Burke, Jason Nance, Jay Johnston

CFVB Men (Rx/Elite Division) – Hans Stancil, Johnny Zambito, Marco Radocaj

CFVB Women (Rx/Elite Division) – Liz Ponto, McKenzie Flinchum, Wendy Shafranski

All teams were required to complete 10 events over a 9-day period, video the performances and submit online. The events included gymnastics, Oly lifts, absolute strength and tests of an athlete’s engine. They were tough!

I think everyone was glad they participated, as they got to prove how far they’ve come as well as what weaknesses they still need to work on. Plus, it was fun to rally together as a team.

At the end of the qualifier, CFVB Men qualified for Elite (THIS IS HUGE)! CFVB Women qualified for Rx. While our Intermediate teams didn’t qualify for that division, they all did amazing and are planning on being our biggest fans down there (they tried to get in open registration and it sold out in 20 SECONDS!).

This is a great spectator event, so if you’d like to attend and support our two teams in January at Bayfront Park in Miami, check out all the info at



Workout of the Day
EMOM for 3 minutes
8 Thrusters Rx+115/75 Rx 95/65 Master 65/45
20 double unders

rest 3 minutes

EMOM for 3 minutes
6 Thrusters Rx+135/95 Rx 115/75 Master 95/65
20 double unders

rest 3 minutes

EMOM for 3 minutes
4 Thrusters Rx+155/105 Rx 135/75 Master 115/95
20 double unders

3 sets of:
7 Strict weighted pull ups
10 Bar rows

3 sets of:
10 Abwheel roll outs
15 Ab mat sit ups

2 sets of:
2:00 each side pigeon stretch
2:00 each side couch stretch

Post your scores to the Whiteboard.


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