November 19, 2018

2 sets –
5 Banded tempo plate squats (band above knee)
5 Foam roll wall slides
5 Dumbbell glute bridges
5 Bench-lying plate overhead stretch

Start on any of the three circuits shown below. Complete all sets before moving to other circuit. Rest no longer than 2 minutes between sets.

Circuit 1 –
Sandbag thruster
Weighted strict pull-up (or strict pull-up)
Dumbbell row (each arm)

Circuit 2 –
3 sets of:
8 Single arm dumbbell bench press
:20 Feet elevated ring row hold

Circuit 3 –
3 sets of:
50 ft Sandbag carry
5 Tempo pushups (3 seconds down, 3 seconds up)

1:00 each side half saddle stretch
1:00 box stretch
10 PVC pass throughs

Shoulder Seminar – Today 

You have two opportunities today to learn about the shoulder and how to keep it healthy. Join us at 10:30 AM or 5:30 PM. Joanne Duncanson, Physical Therapist, will be leading this talk – take an early lunch break or come by after work!

Update on the Captain Hiram’s Triathlon

Laura got 1st in her age group, Dan jumped in last-minute and got 3rd in his age group and Marco had a good time!


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