November 19, 2016

Today’s the Day! Vero Beast Partner Throwdown 

No classes today – partner throw down only!

Check your heat below, review the workouts HERE.


Alyssa and Diane will be running the show and will go over standards. We will need help judging. Good luck to all!

Have fun!

Vero Beast Partner Throwdown

#1 – The Test
Each partner performs…
AMRAP in 2 minutes:
20 calories on the ski erg
In the remaining time, as many toes-to-bar as possible
*score is calories + toes to bar.
*each partner performs the entire two minutes without assistance from the

other partner. 

#2 – The Chipper
For time…
100 calories on rower
50 front squats Rx: 185/125; Masters 155/95; Scaled 95/55
50 handstand push-ups (Masters to 1 Abmat; scaled = hand-release push-ups)
200 double-unders (scaled = 200 singles)
100 calories on Assault Bike
*time cap: 25 minutes
*one partner works at a time. Split 
work any way 


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