November 19, 2011


November 19, 2011

Free WOD Today

Interested in CrossFIt? Come to our 9 AM class today.

It's a partner WOD…a great opportunity to practice for the upcoming Boy/Girl Challenge. CFVB has 11 teams!

Brian does CrossFit!

Workout of the Day:

As a team of 2, complete three rounds for time –
10 pull-ups
30 wall balls 20/14
50 steps, walking lunge
70 Abmat sit-ups
90-foot partner wheelbarrow (2 x 45' increments inside gym)
200 m sprint

*Only one person works at a time.
*Split up the work/reps any way you want to. The only exercise you must split the work evenly is the wheelbarrow (45-feet each)
*Both partners must return to the gym before starting the next round